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Surrey Canoe Club

Written by  Surrey Canoe Club

Surrey Canoe Club is a charitable award winning organisation delivering projects in Surrey and South West London, United Kingdom. Our 3 Volunteer Trustees work together with 5 Volunteer Coaches and 16 volunteer members. The club’s aim is to give our members and partner organisations the best available opportunity to achieve their potential. The club has provided free of charge activities and personal development courses for people with physical and learning disabilities, youth who are not in education, training or employment, the socially isolated and the seniors. Albert Donovan, our Founder , a multi-award winner Coach is running a free of charge Coach Mentoring Scheme . He has written resources for coaches who wish to coach people with specific learning difficulties such as “Unlocking the Potential of the Dyslexic Paddler” and support resources for the British Canoe Union Star Awards.

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