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Fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone

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EngAyde is a collaborative effort of concerned Sierra Leoneans that volunteer their time brokering information that will influence decisions and actions to end the fight against Ebola in our beloved country.Our work is essentially about connecting, catalysing, influencing decisions and actions in so far that we act as a policy advisory group that applies pressure where necessary.
We work in conjunction with affiliate partners to curate a unique mix of content around what's going on, what's topical, who's doing what, with what resource and how you can get involved in Sierra Leone and abroad.
Our group got together over a series of comments on a FB post in July. After weeks of talking, planning and waiting for something to happen, we decided to take the bull by the horns and respond to the nuanced interests of the Sierra Leonean community at home and abroad. If you happen to be one of those wanting to make a difference in helping Sierra Leone, then you are in the right place. We aim to shine a light on 3 areas of information in the battle against Ebola : 1.Inspiration: we aim to provide news and updates that will get you going “wow, that's amazing, we should do something like that"; 2.Insight: We aim to share commentaries, analysis and ideas that might have you saying: "aha, now I understand" or "OK, I hadn't thought of that angle" or "oh, so that's what's needed; 3.Connections: We look forward to fostering links between Ebola related activities/ groups and concerned citizens or friends of Sierra Leone that lead to a "so that's who we need to speak to/work with". We cannot do this without you, so we welcome all aspiring "EngAyders" to volunteer with us, give tip offs, flag important dates for the diary, cool campaigns, pictures of unsung heroes etc.

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