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Written by  Harold Silao

I am working with some good hearted people with me and they are my officers and volunteers for CARING for LESS FORTUNATE CHILDREN PHILIPPINES, I am from Denmark and my operations is in the Philippines. We have done some good activities - projects and livelihood programs, and still we are all working on it to make a better change for all children and elderly , we care for everyone but the Gov't is doing too little for all and limited access. Children needs to be heard for what they wanted to say...I feel sad for many of them, we can't help and save the world in one time but we can make changes for better world for all of us. I am going for Children Outreach again sometime in May 2014 last time was last year March and Junes 2013. It went well and we have helped many children with school materials and used clean and new clothes for them to wear, to give aways slippers for them al to use - many of them do not have slippers and shoes when they attend to school, feeding programs - giving them food teach them how to prepare simple food for children and how to grow plants and make their sorroundings greeny - for them to harvest for food to eat like vegetables and fruit tress, I am extending only what I have...anyway these children are smiling and happy make their lives feel comfortable that they haven't forgotten by someone like us from CLFCP and other helping organisations. God bless us all! Thank you! We can all make a better place for all of us if we cooperate and give time for important matters...

Harold Silao - Founder/Head of Operations & Int'l Programs CLFCP Denmark / Philippines

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