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Treating the wounded people

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In 2006. I was working with Merlin organization in the health program in South Darfur. There was one of the EID holidays that were being celebrated. In this case most of the staff were surposed to be on holiday, but a day before the holiday fighting broke out between 2 communities in an are known as Muhajaria. The 2 facilities around this are were overwhelmed. My colleague and I were resposnsible to manage the mobile team that was surposed to go on EID holiday holiday. When we received this report, I called on my colleagues and requested them to volunteers knowing how important the EID holiday was for them so that we help treat the wounded people. They all agreed and we set out for the mission. we worked in one location for 2 days and on the third day we fall under ambuse and our vehicle was carjacked in the middle of a bush. personal and agency property was lost. Most of the staff were broken hearted but I encouraged them, and asked them to count the lives that had been saved other than propery because property lost can be recovered but not life. The team was encouraged and we all were rescued to safely and later continued serving the community to save life. I encourage the volunteer spirit because it give fulfilment in service.

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