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Viernes, 06 Diciembre 2013 04:08

Girl Guide Leader

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I am a Girl Guide Leader at Lawnton District Girl Guides (just north of Brisbane in QLD Australia). Along with the other 6 leaders, we provide fun, learning, opportunities for community service and chances to have fun in the outdoors. We aim to help our girls and young women to…
Jueves, 05 Diciembre 2013 14:09

Collecting Caps of Solidarity - Tunisia

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I am president and co-founder of Association Emel Tounes ( Hope Tunisia ), which launched in march 2012 the campaign Collecting Caps of Solidarity . Its slogan is "Let's pick up the caps, let’s overcome Disability", which consists in providing recyclers with plastic caps that were collected by our citizens,…
Somos el grupo de voluntarios "Comunicadores y Educadores Ambientales para la Conservación", realizamos educación ambiental en la ciudad de La Paz. Tocamos todos los temas ambientales, pero princpalmente el tema de agua y cambio climático.
Jueves, 05 Diciembre 2013 12:08

Helping with basic education

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I and my friend started giving education to poor children in my town who are unable to get education from school. I helped them through my pocket money to buy books and we gave them note books and stationary also. Now they can read and write ;
Jueves, 05 Diciembre 2013 11:50

Volunteer for three organizations

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I volunteer for three organizations. I volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada to help empower girls to reach their potential. I believe this organization can help girls find their strengths and how they can use their skills to make the world a better place. I volunteer with my local Museum…
Jueves, 05 Diciembre 2013 08:34

The parents of Girl Scout troop volunteer

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The parents of our Girl Scout troop volunteer so we can help girls realize they can be and do whatever they want. It will always take work, but if the girls make the effort, they can do amazing things.
Les VIFs-Bénin (Volontariat International e la Francophonie) célèbre la Journée International des Volontaires 2013 Par Marlène et Todizara Sur invitation de France Volontaires, les Volontaires internationaux de la Francophonie se sont joints aux autres acteurs du volontariat au Bénin pour célébrer la Journée internationale des Volontaires 2013 sur le thème…
Jueves, 05 Diciembre 2013 04:48

Help unemployed youth on the path to employment

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My hands and heart is a national volunteer initiative that aims to help unemployed youth on the path to employment through gaining skills and experience by volunteering at NGOs, NPOs and other social causes. Find out more at
Jueves, 05 Diciembre 2013 04:09

UN Volunteer in Dubai

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I got a chance to join the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot recently as an volunteer in Dubai. An UN volunteering experience is something that really changes your perspective of human lives, something only an UN employee can relate to. Every day is has something new to offer with even…
Miércoles, 04 Diciembre 2013 13:38

ChangeTheWorld - Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge

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The ChangeTheWorld - Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge is a call to action for youth aged 14 to 18 years to volunteer through a wide variety of exciting community initiatives. CTW is delivered by the Ontario Volutneer Centre Network in partnership with the Government of Ontario, Canada, and a network of…