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Miércoles, 29 Octubre 2014 16:38

Fundación Familiar - Mexico

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Fundación Familiar: - buscamos una mejor calidad de vida de las familias gestionando el apoyo a sus integrantes, especialmente los más desfavorecidos y desvalidos. Nos interesamos en la salud, educación, inserción social, vivienda y sustentabilidad económica. -Fundación Familiar seeks a better quality of life for families managing support for its…
Miércoles, 13 Agosto 2014 11:01

Restless Development in Zambia

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As a team of 16 British Nationals we volunteered with Restless Development through the ICS scheme funded by DFiD and went to Zambia for 3 months. We worked with our national counters parts of 21 Zambian volunteers. We worked in groups of 3 or 4 (mixed nationalities) in local rural…
Viernes, 08 Agosto 2014 14:41

UN Pol Peacekeeping Officer in Sudan/Darfur

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I have served in UNAMID Sudan/Darfur as an UNPol Peacekeeping Officer as from 29 March 2010 till 29 July 2012. My tour of duty was very successfully.
Miércoles, 06 Agosto 2014 09:31

washing hands is important

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I work for Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel which is the fastest growing hospital in Jerusalem and treats over 500,000 patients a year. In an effort to lower the spread of infections, the staff of the hospital put together a Hip Hop rapping clip intended to increase awareness…
We are a groupp of volunteers who deliver training to war effected young girls through sport (basketball) and support them to go back to school. Many girls are unable to go to school or drop the school and are on the streets trying to make life their own way.
The community of Gawad Kalinga Napindan Village celebrated the 2014 Nelson Mandela International Day with the president and staff of Aspen Philippines two days after typhoon Glenda struck the country. We painted the fence inside the village and had fun activities with the children. Gawad Kalinga is a foundation in…
Viernes, 18 Julio 2014 06:19

Volunteer in Ensanalex

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I am volunteer in Ensanalex -life makers project called "Human". Our aim is to eradicate poverty, not through giving money only but through developing slum people. We teach them and their children how to read and write, we give them medicine, we involve them in small projects that they can…
-Organización y realización de talleres "Factores protectores para niños y adolescentes trabajadores de mercados en Managua" -Talleres vivenciales de crecimiento personal -Programa de reforestamiento con Hermanamiento Norwalk Nagarote
Miércoles, 25 Junio 2014 13:21

Des élèves dans Abidjan

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Nous sommes des élèves qui se battent pour le maintien de la paix dans les établissement de notre capitale Abidjan en éradiquant toute forme de violence au sein de ces établissement en inaugurant des murs de paix, des sensibilisations et des journées socio-culturelles placés sous le signe de la non-violence
Lunes, 23 Junio 2014 14:55

Gender equality in Rwanda

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Gender equality is necessary in every country and every community because I have seen it work for us Rwandans and I think it can work for the rest of the countries.If women realize their worth and how their contribution is of great importance to every family thus leading to the…