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I am STEVIE HARISON, 23 years old, from INDONESIA.   On this opportunity I want to share with all of you, the earth man and earth woman ... From June till October 2010, on behalf of volunteer for INDONESIAN CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM for Climate Justice (, I and some 20…
Jueves, 26 Abril 2012 10:08

Community-based health volunteers

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In a year and a half,after training 29 trainers, we had on-field 3,400 community-based health volunteers in five districts who went around their own neighborhood to talk about Tuberculosis, its prevention and how to fight its spread and save the next generation of Karakalpaks.   The experience taught me that…
Miércoles, 25 Abril 2012 13:39

Adapatación Comunitaria al Cambio Climatico

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Guatemala es parte de la iniciativa mundial del programa piloto Adapatación Comunitaria al Cambio Climatico (Community Based Adaptation - CBA). Este proyecto pretende demonstrar que las comunidades rurales pueden adaptarse a la variabilidad climatica apicando practicas sostenibles que aportan a la reduccion de riesgos y vulnerabilidad en las comunidades. CBA…
Miércoles, 25 Abril 2012 11:52

AMERINKA - temas de discapacidad

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Hola amigos, quiero compartir la alegria que a nuestra organizacion AMERINKA nos da ser parte del cambio; trabajamos en temas de discapacidad principalmente y nuestra labor la realizamos en zonas en donde las personas carente de recursos lo requieren.   En su mayoria todo nuestro equipo de trabajo esta conformado…
Miércoles, 25 Abril 2012 09:19

Spark for Women

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I am serving as UNV for Cisco Networking Academy in Turkey. We have launched "Spark for Women" campaign in September 2011 to empower Turkish women through IT education and soft-skills’ training and give them a higher possibility of getting a job in the business world, letting them to get economically…
Martes, 24 Abril 2012 22:54


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Carline is a native of Haiti and the Founder of a volunteer-driven not-for-profit organization (HavServe) that supports community-led development through volunteerism in least developed countries. Carline believes that volunteerism benefits both society and the individual volunteer by strengthening trust, solidarity, cooperation, and reciprocity among citizens, and by creating opportunities to…
Martes, 24 Abril 2012 21:16

Grupo Comunitário de Apoio Pedagógico

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Eu faço parte do Grupo Comunitário de Apoio Pedagógico (GCAP-RJ), que é um projeto social, de iniciativa voluntária que promove inclusão social através da educação em comunidade do Rio de Janeiro.   As atividades do projeto tiveram inicio em 2008, e desde então já beneficiando centenas de pessoas através de…
Martes, 24 Abril 2012 19:29

National First AId Team in Belize

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Hi my Name is Darwin SLusher i'm the Founder & Director of the National First AId Team here in Belize, we're the only youth based non-profit youth base medical first response team in the country, that fight hard for better pre-hospital care in Belize esp to all the poor people…
Martes, 24 Abril 2012 18:34

"Garbage on the streets of Brazil" on Facebook

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We are journalists and NGO worried about the waste policies in Brazil, among other issues. We have promoted a group on the Facebook "Garbage on the streets of Brazil". People may post, from their mobile phones, pics of how waste has not been properly disposed and remains ON…
Martes, 24 Abril 2012 16:36

Caribbean Society

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I'm currently a student at the University of the west Indies, Where I'm Pursing a degree in Political/ Science.   I'm also the president of the caribbean civilization club which seeks to provide a forum for critical thinking of the Caribbean and to discuss ideas and issues that affect Caribbean…