Hello to all, I'm Nina and I am volunteering on Flores, East Indonesia. In 2010 I founded Eco Flores, officially registered as NGO in 2012. Eco Flores Foundation is a network. Our approach is based on the principles of Collective Impact, joining forces for more impact in all fields of development on Flores and outlying islands. This is our online brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Z8v3oLf_ZTNGdsR0hNWGJzRmc/view

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I'm going to write an article about International Volunteerism Day in a newsletter where I'm having internship now, namely YouSure - an institute of research and advocacy which concerns in youth issues. I believe by global networks we can solve problems in worldwide

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Indonesia Volunteering Hub presents International Volunteer Day 2015 for Indonesia event series through Blogging Competition about Volunteering Experience, Talkshow of Volunteerism, and Review Blogging Competition.

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I have most awarness in education area, because when I was a child I couldn't get a good education, as the tuition to get it was expensive. So, right now, I try to give free education to the children around my house. I started to build a little school inside my house and find donations to provide the children with books and stationary.

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Indonesia International Work Camp (IIWC) finally done the IVS celebration 2014 on Sunday, 21 December. We are happy that the IVD celebration brought 100 volunteers young and old and even children to join us planting 4000 Mangrove seeds in Mangkang Central Java Indonesia.
Mangkang is a poor suburb area of the city Semarang, located in middle Java (Jawah Tengah). The city relies on fishing and agriculture for its living and many people are unemployed. It was not always like this here. In the past the village was relatively rich, due to a large productive shrimp farming business. The government used to simulate the shrimp farming, because it profit was very high at that time. To maximize the productivity many mangrove trees were cut and the ecosystem severely damaged, but no one cared as the profits were large. After approximately 10 years however the profits strongly decreased because the shrimps had no breeding area anymore and the water became to hot due to the removal of the trees.
Nowadays the local community tries very hard to reestablish the mangrove population, both to create a better living environment in their fishponds, but also to protect the village from abrasion from the see. As the combined effect of land reclamation for a large factory and the cutting of the mangroves together resulted in a strong abrasion and erosion of the coast which threatens the village. A nearby village has already been destroyed due to these processes and here they hope to avoid the same faith. We were lucky to be supported by SCI International (sciint.org) under a collaboration project: Sustainable living and Climate justice, GAIA Microgrant. #Climate4Peace #NVDA Common Action

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For IVD, in IIWC we are going to make action Planting 4000 mangroves in our World Tanabata Action project site in Mangkang Semarang, Indonesia. However, we will celebrate it not exactly on Dec 5th, but instead in Dec 20th due to availability of local volunteers and the seeds to be planted.
There will be at least 100 volunteers join this action. They are from different communities in Semarang such as the Semarang Green City, students, international volunteers, etc. This IVD action is part of the common action of Network for Voluntary Development in Asia nvda.asia. #InternationalVolunteerDay #NVDAComnonAction

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I am using cover photo in my FACEBOOK to promote IVD 2013. I know that volunteerism still less popular than pop culture that being most admired phenomenon in my country, but I do strongly believe that VOLUNTEERISM is key to achieve social stability and harmonious communities.

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Indonesia International Workcamp (IIWC) is one of International Voluntary Service Organization based in Semarang Central Java Indonesia will celebrate IVD on Sunday, 8 December 2013 through campaign to picking up trash in Semarang city center, Simpanglima during car free day. This to show to people how simple action can have big impact by being volunteer. This action will be combined by a talk show with IIWC Coordinator as speaker for public at the same time

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UNV Indonesia is going 2 directions to celebrate IVD this year. On the 5th of December 2013, UNV Indonesia, VSO Indonesia and other partners will celebrate this spirit of caring and sharing of the Indonesians through the International Volunteer Day (IVD). We are using this day as an opportunity for volunteers, and volunteer organizations, to raise awareness of, and gain understanding for the contribution they make to their communities. It is the day to celebrate the power and potential of volunteerism in Indonesia. In addition to a joint event with VSO on 5 December, we doing a postcard and social media ‘thank you’ campaign. Although volunteerism is part of the fabric of Indonesian society, it is rarely recognized as a force for development and community. We have created a postcard that can be downloaded from our IVD Facebook page to send to others to thank them for their contribution. UNV Indonesia encourages everyone, including schools and businesses, to celebrate IVD through their own ways. Interested citizens may send photos, stories, or videos of their activities by uploading or tagging Facebook Fan Page: International Volunteer Day 2013 – Indonesia, or Twitter account: @IVD2013IDN. At the end of the year, UNV plans to map out everyone’s activities all throughout Indonesia and create a Geographic Volunteer Photo Mural. At the same time, through the end of the year, UNV is holding a postcard campaign to share this appreciation.

More information can be found on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IVD2013Indonesia.

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December 5 is International Volunteer Day, when we recognise and highlight the contributions of volunteers in the service of others.

Through a partnership with the UN Volunteers programme, OCHA counts among its ranks volunteers who are making significant contributions to humanitarian response in countries from Colombia to Zimbabwe.

James St. John Cox

I have been volunteering in one capacity or another for four years now. I started in the Maldives, offering my professional experience with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to help with setting up a local television and radio station. I then joined the Australian Youth Ambassador for Development (AYAD) programme and was assigned to the School for Broadcast Media in Indonesia. Working with teams of hungry young journalists taught me the meaning behind jargon like ‘capacity building’ and ‘knowledge transfer’, because I saw the results in action.

As my AYAD assignment came to a close, I interviewed for a UNV posting with OCHA Indonesia as a Reporting Officer. While I had no humanitarian experience to speak of at that stage, I certainly had the training and experience needed as a writer, and was quickly able to adapt to the unfamiliar language of the United Nations, thanks to the support of my Head of Office, my Indonesian colleagues, and from members of the reporting unit in Geneva and New York, who made themselves available to me as I found my feet.

OCHA has always made me feel that every opportunity to enhance my knowledge and experience was available to me, and with the encouragement of my colleagues, I have participated in UN training courses in Sweden, Iceland, Thailand and Indonesia.

After only seven months with OCHA, I applied for the Emergency Response Roster (ERR), which supplies staff for immediate deployment to emergencies. I became the first UN Volunteer ever selected for the roster. It was a great honour to be sent on a six-week surge deployment to Sudan in 2011; I hope this has set a precedent for future OCHA UNVs to join the roster.

I am now a Humanitarian Reports Officer with OCHA’s regional office in the Asia-Pacific, where I have the exciting opportunity to gather information and tell stories about 36 nations and territories to a global audience.



Photo: James at a Stand-by Partners Public Information Officer training in Iceland in May. Credit: James St. John Cox



Story courtesy of OCHA, first published at http://www.unocha.org/top-stories/all-stories/un-volunteers-stories-field-1




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