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Miércoles, 19 Diciembre 2012 19:59

Volunteers work for peace and sustainable development - IVD in Guinea-Bissau

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Under the theme “Volunteers work for peace and sustainable development”, the National Volunteers Committee supported by several partners including the United Nations Volunteers Program organized various activities to celebrate the International Volunteer Day (IVD), 5th  of December 2012.

In the regions the following activities took place:

·         Cacheu: ecological walk in the National Park of Cacheu (Parque National das tarrafas de Cacheu) for 30 children of the primary school of Cacheu.  Reforestation of mangrove conducted by the school children (2100 seeds of mangroves were planted).

·         Buba: ecological walk in the Natural Park of Cufada Lagoon (Parque Natural das lagoas de Cufada) for 30 children of the primary school of Buba. Workshop on the transformation of agricultural produce (production of jam and traditional medicine) for 10 women and 10 men;

·         Mansoa: Workshop on the transformation of agricultural produce (production of manioc flour) for 10 women;
In Bissau:

·         In partnership with Camara Municical de Bissau, a pilot project on sustainable management of waste was put in place in the neighborhood of Missira, Mindara and Bairro Militar. Different garbage bins were placed in 8 points of each neighborhood to separate the waste that can be re-used (aluminum, plastic bottles and glass bottles) from the waste that cannot be re-utilized. 30 Volunteers were trained on sustainable development and sustainable management of waste to sensitize the population of the above mentioned neighborhood.

·         During the day of the 5th of December, a celebration took place in Bairro Militar: among the activities realized there was the presentation of the “State of the world Volunteer Report” and the Picture Book on IVD 2011, exposition of the agricultural produce made in the regions of Cacheu and Quinara (Buba), recycle workshop, award of the logo of the NCV drawn by the school children of Bairro Militar; theatre performance on human right and sustainable development.

Many thanks!

Laura Amadori
UNV Program Officer

UNDP Guinea-Bissau

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