voluntarios se han movilizado con motivo del DIV 2012!

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Attending the CUSO International celebration

Martes, 04 Diciembre 2012 17:46 Written by David Carr in Canada
Plan on attending a CUSO International celebration at their office in Vancouver, Canada for an evening of drumming, food, silent auction, and podcasts! Looking forward to crossing paths with fellow CUSO alumni!

Clean up in Japan

Martes, 04 Diciembre 2012 16:35 Written by Guest in Japan
I will clean up the bank of the dirtiest river in Japan called Yamato.

Lectures and games at the orphanages in Italy

Martes, 04 Diciembre 2012 14:59 Written by Guest in Italy
Promoting actions Lectures and games at the orphanages

Children's Helpers Worldwide: celebrating the amazing work of the volunteers

Martes, 04 Diciembre 2012 14:42 Written by Catherine Franks in United Kingdom
At Children's Helpers Worldwide, everyone is a volunteer! We do whatever we can to help the children's organisations we support in different countries. We thanked all of the volunteers for their hard work and told them about International Volunteer Day. We invited them to submit their volunteer story, along with…

VIDEO: Training and retaining volunteers - Our sustainability challenge!

Martes, 04 Diciembre 2012 14:37 Written by Annick Janson in New Zealand
Training and retaining volunteers - Our sustainability challenge! How aware are your volunteers of the impact of their contributions? This video clip teaches us how important it is for volunteers to understand that their contributions often go well beyond what they imagined in the first place. This realisation is paramount…

Invitation to the "Role of Volunteers during Emergencies" Seminar

Martes, 04 Diciembre 2012 14:12 Written by Guest in Pakistan
SEMINAR: ''Role of Volunteers during Emergencies'' Organized by: Rural Development Policy Institute (RDPI) & Social Welfare Department, Ghotki, Sindh, Pakistan Funded by: Plan-International (Pakistan) Collaboration: Hwa Foundation, Sewai Foundation, Roshni Taraqiyati Tanzeem, Gul Welfare association & Allakh welfare Association, Ghotki Date: 5th December 2012, Time: 12:00 Venue: District Social Welfare…

Asmae (Association Soeur Emmanuelle) aide les enfants défavorisés

Martes, 04 Diciembre 2012 13:46 Written by Guest in France
Je mène différentes actions pour aider l'enfance défavorisée dans le monde. Je mobilise, agis, sensibilise autour de moi pour promouvoir mon association dont je suis bénévole, Asmae soeur Emmanuelle. Je vais tenir prochainement plusieurs stands pour vendre des cartes postales au profit de la crèche de la prison des femmes…

Raising awareness about Lupus

Martes, 04 Diciembre 2012 13:27 Written by Guest in Indonesia
I do volunteer activities this year and some of the women who joined the group to socialize women climbers Lupus. We doing the climb to several mountain in Indonesia to campaign for lupus and to disseminate the disease to several places such as hospitals, schools, colleges and community centers in…

Campaigns in Wau teaching hospital South Sudan

Martes, 04 Diciembre 2012 12:22 Written by Leah Amadi in Sudan
I supported campaigns/activities for obstetric fistula repairs in Wau teaching hospital South Sudan. The campaign was from 16/10/2012 to 21/11/2012.The hospital registered 77 patients, 47 were operated on, 23 referred to the urologist after examination under anesthesia and 7 were found not to be having obstetric fistula. I mobilized the…

The IVD week at the Jaffa Institute

Martes, 04 Diciembre 2012 10:19 Written by Guest in Israel
The Jaffa Institute will is inviting people to volunteer in painting Neve Ofer after-school activity center on the week of IVD. Throughout the year the Jaffa Institute is working with more than a 1000 volunteers to assist the most impoverished families in the city of Jaffa to elliviate out of…