voluntarios se han movilizado con motivo del DIV 2012!

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International Volunteer Day Celebration in Nepal

Jueves, 06 Diciembre 2012 12:38 Written by Guest in Nepal
Holy Bagmati River Clean-Up and Awareness Raising Program in Nepal The Power to the People Nepal, non-profit organization celebrated International Volunteer Day 2012 with Bagmati river clean-up and awareness raising program at Teku, Kathmandu by mobilizing more than 350 volunteers. The program was inaugurated by Mr. Mahesh Bahadur Basnet, Chairperson…

The UN Volunteers in Crimea celebrated the International Volunteer Day

Jueves, 06 Diciembre 2012 11:55 Written by Ganna Zakharova in Ukraine
Volunteer movement – what is it? On 5th of December the world celebrates the International Volunteer Day (IVD). Thousands of events and information campaigns take place to celebrate and promote volunteerism this day. United Nations Volunteers always join the movement, and UN Volunteers in Crimea, Ukraine are not the exception.…

Save the present

Jueves, 06 Diciembre 2012 10:56 Written by Guest in Pakistan
Our organization SAVE THE PRESENT (a social welfare organization) made many volunteers groups. Objective:”Learning how to become an individual of the situation” Motives of volunteer’s membership 1- Contributing in Motivational awareness. 2- Getting knowledge and information of environmental effects, safety measures, human health, bio diversity and property. 3- Realization and…

IDV 2012 - Moscow

Jueves, 06 Diciembre 2012 08:17 Written by Dmitry Irina Samko in Russian Federation
Round Table: IDV 2012 - Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhnewartovsk (Russia), Holon (Israel) and Vienna (Austria)! To commemorate the 2012 International Day of Volunteers we will link up with the volunteers from the Youth Center «MOLODEZHNOE SODRUZHESTVO», Universal Peace Federation in Moscow, volunteers in Jekaterinburg (Russia), Holon (Israel) and Vienna (Austria). …

UNV Yemen celebrating volunteering

Jueves, 06 Diciembre 2012 05:39 Written by UNV Yemen in Yemen
I am so pleased to let you know that we had a very successful International Volunteer Day(IVD) celebration yesterday. Thanks for all the support we had from UNV HQs and thanks to the huge efforts done by the organizing team specifically Ebtihal , Tareq Al-Basha , Shatha Al-Harazi and Hemmat…

Celebrating IVD via Child Spacing Awareness Creation in Aweil-South Sudan

Miércoles, 05 Diciembre 2012 23:24 Written by Elizabeth Walumbe in Sudan
Celebrating IVD via Child Spacing Awareness Creation in Aweil-South Sudan. Written by IUNV Midwife Elizabeth Walumbe/UNFPA. Having worked at Aweil State Hospital/Northern Bahr El Ghazal State of South Sudan for the past one year and above, the two International UN Volunteer Midwives Zeena Abdalla and Elizabeth Walumbe had noted with…

Even little things matter

Miércoles, 05 Diciembre 2012 20:38 Written by Guest in United States
Do to lack of plannig on my part, as the president of an elementary school Parent-Teacher Association, I just sent out a broadcast email to parents and teachers wishing them a happy International Volunteer Day, thanking them for their service, and letting them know their actions are appreciated and valued.

Brazil celebrating

Miércoles, 05 Diciembre 2012 18:16 Written by Guilherme Cavazzani in Brazil
We are volunteers from ICMBio in Fernando de Noronha/PE - Brazil celebrating the world's care with Nature and actions in preservation.

How about you?!?

Miércoles, 05 Diciembre 2012 17:33 Written by Esther Urbina in Italy
Hi everyone! Some years ago I volunteered as a national civil servant in an anti-violence centre for a year. Now, after a couple of years as UNHCR consultant, I am hopefully on the way to become a UN Volunteer in Haiti! I will stand again on the side of the…


Miércoles, 05 Diciembre 2012 17:01 Written by OCHA in Indonesia
December 5 is International Volunteer Day, when we recognise and highlight the contributions of volunteers in the service of others. Through a partnership with the UN Volunteers programme, OCHA counts among its ranks volunteers who are making significant contributions to humanitarian response in countries from Colombia to Zimbabwe. James St.…