UNV post-2015 products

The following documents were produced by UNV or contain input from UNV to promote the integration of volunteerism in the post-2015 development agenda.

Knowledge products and tools
  • QA-SDG-2015-cover w151UNV toolkit on volunteerism and the Sustainable Development Goals (2015)
    A living selection of materials to understand the new agenda and the role of volunteerism in achieving the SDGs.
  • UNV V-Mentions document (as of 9.12.2015)
    A living catalogue of mentions of volunteerism in key documents from the UN, Member States and other sources
  • IssueBrief---stack 4 142UNV Issue Briefs (2014)
    A UNV series summarizing the contribution of volunteerism to different issues and highlighting its cross-cutting role. They support UNV's advocacy efforts to recognize volunteerism in the post-2015 development agenda as a key complementary mechanism for social, economic and environmental transformation.
Advocacy documents
Technical and policy documents
Documents co-authored by UNV