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Peace, Democracy and Humanitarian Relief Researcher's thoughts

Written by  Consoler Nyah

We live in an era of large scale crisis, insecurity and disasters. Syria, Nigeria, Central African Republic inter-alia quickly come to mind. Apparently State and UN efforts seem to have fallen on deaf ears as innocent civilians and children as a result of no fault of theirs have to pay with their lives.With most of Post Independent Africa now synonymous and unfortunately rightfully so to;insecurity, homelessness, statelessness, untold starvation just to name a few, should we continue to fold our arms and watch this germ of regular skirmishes and insecurity unfold in post independent Africa and the world at-large a midst a moment when prayers seem not to have an impact ?
Permit me throw some light on the unsung predicament of Central African Republic refugees and asylum seekers in Cameroon.Beside the painful ordeal of abandoning their homes to settle in foreign countries, they remain constant targets of rebels with women and children continually kidnapped for ransom.With the situation increasingly difficult for the UNHCR staff to effectively monitor,register new arrivals and distribute relief supplies given the dozens of settlements in Cameroon, volunteer initiatives become imperative.
Given that a return to security in C.A.R is far fetched, host communities such as Mandjou and Bolembe in East Cameroon, Gore´ and Sido in the South of Chad face problems of their own such as inadequate structures and the limited UNHCR resources in Cameroon, there is the urgent need to engage in a global effort to put an end to the growing problem of statelessness,skirmishes and major conflicts in Africa and beyond.
Consoler Nyah
Peace, Democracy and Humanitarian Relief Researcher

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