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speak out for the rights of the transgender community in Sri Lanka

Written by  Sathya Baashi

I am Sathya Baashi, the first transgender to come out in Sri Lanka and speak out for the rights of the transgender community.
I had to leave home because of the discrimination I had to face by my own parents, to a certain extent this made me strong and gave me courage to do all this I have mentioned below.
I have worked in this field for nearly five years and have plenty of experience with dealing in the issues that transgender goes through.
I have worked in the Asian region and have experience with the gender minority. I know the way to deal with almost all the issues that this gender minority youth faces. Working for the Asia pacific region in the Youth Voices Count I have gained knowledge on the way to address these issues, if given this opportunity I know that I will be able to mark Sri Lanka further on the map of the world. The gender minority youth here in Sri Lanka goes through many challenges such as when coming out to their families to gain acceptance, when seeking health services they are often neglected are some of the issues and mostly self stigma and discrimination this should be dealt with care and awareness. I have experience in counseling and have come across many youth who are in distress and with my full effort guided them to live as normally as possible.
Currently working for the GFATM phase II project joining up with the FPA, (working for Heart to Heart organization) the main goal of this project is to prevent HIV and STI transmission among transgenders and transgender sex workers.
Working for Grassrooted trust as an ESPAM Project to establish sustainable economic level of marginalized women. I am also a UNYAP member in Sri Lanka.
I am attached with overseas organizations APNSW, APTN, SAHRA.

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