Wednesday, 05 February 2014 09:27

All life volunteer from Brazil

Written by  Julia Hoyer Erichsen

I am a 32 years brazilian woman that work in NGOs for my hole life since my 13 years old cause my mom has her own, which she support herself for 20 years without big companies helps resources, but never gave up. I made law school and my ex husband is president of the Lawyers Associations Organization, so I always were involve in helped and support situations as much as i could. I apply to multiples NGO without registration and Ialmost went to Kenya in one of them January last year, but the Brazilan consulate didn't allowed me cause of some kidnaps that was happening over there, but I continuing applying me in all serious NGO I know and I really want to go as volunteer to anywhere in the world where i can help in anyway I am able to !
I really hope you can enjoy my applied to use me as help to send me to anywhere (I put Kenya as base, but I really dont have one) where I can help those one who really help my capacity to help! I appreciate since now, Julia Hoyer Erichsen

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