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Olive Branch Association in China

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During 2009-2011, I created a small association in the church with my partners. We created this for we were benefit a lot from a university-students camping held by the priests and the volunteers in the Shenzhen church which is located at Guangdong province, China. In the camp, many of us shared their loving to others,helped those who are trapped in problems enthusiasticly and patiently, encouraged each other to move forward and to stay firmly on the belief that we are number one. Never more power and inspiration than before could we gain from the camp.

We knew we gained a lot from that camp?But how about the people who are deeply in need? How could they sovle the big probelms they aren't able to manage?
We need to help them! We must help them!
Also by the strong willing to help people that we this group hold, we turn ourselves into small team to engage helping. We named the association Olive Branch which means we are stretching out our green helping branches to people.
In the association, we organize five parts.
First, Singing & Dancing. In this part, our team organizer will select songs that can create an environment full of love and peace to make people feel good inside.And this part, we also encourage our organizers to let out themselves in editting the consistent dancing style and lead us enjoy the singging and dancing.
Second, Reading Bible.On the way reading and learning the Bible, we are sharing our wonderful life, pity life, difficult life, amazing life, hopeful life.We rethink our life by sharing and discussing.And we obsorb the good experience from that.
Last, welcome new friends. We welcome new friends by tradional but enthusiastic way----claping. And we design several small games for the new comers to let us feel our kindness.Next we annouce that every people can join us to let out their potential and enjoy helping others.

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