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Human Rights Training - Asia

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Commonwealth Human Rights Training for ASIA :
I have been Selected by the YHRI-India to attend the Human Rights Training for Trainers in New Delhi from March 18th 2013 to 22nd March 2013 in this many Organization and Government officials have been participated and this is conducted by commonwealth Secretariat and Indian Government. YHRI South Asia Summit:
I have attended the South Asia Summit in Chennai on March 1st to 3rd which have been for enrich the youth on Human Rights Education the conference outreach the Delegates from the India,Srilanka,Bangladesh,Nepal,Maldives,Pakistan,Afganistan,Bhutan and others from various places from the world. Helping Hands: The HELPING HANDS (activity) is to provide NOTE BOOKS, GEOMERTY BOX, PEN, PENCIL, and ERASER to the Students who are under below poverty line. For Our surprise, almost all the tiny tots of the school were found under poverty line, so our team planned to give away the study materials to all the 150 kids in the school. Poster Contest:
This Poster Contest is an important milestone in my Human Rights Career.
We the Coordinators of the YHRI-Cuddalore conducted a District Level Students Poster contest on 11th August 2012 based on the 30 Human Rights declared in UDHR.
We invited students from all the schools in our district. Nearly 500 students from various schools participated in this contest .We selected the students in 3 levels i.e. Primary (6th to 8th), High School (9th and 10th), Higher Secondary (11th and 12th) and we selected picture from all three levels. We invited our Municipal Chairman Mr P.Paneer Selvam as Chief Guest to distribute the prizes to the winners of the contest. International walk for Human Rights:
I the Coordinator of the YHRI conducted an International Walk for Human Rights on 10th December 2012(Human Rights Day) to stretch awareness on Education on 30 of Human Rights declared in UDHR to the Public and the School Students. I along with the coordinator of YHRI invited students from all the schools in Cuddalore district. Nearly 300 students from various schools participated in this International Walk and public were very supportive to us. They too joined us to give more strength to the event. More than 100 people joined us. We started our walk form UNION OFFICE at 11.00 AM with 400 members via BUS STAND,4 CROSS ROAD and we completed our walk in MUNICIPAL OFFICE at 1.00 P M.

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