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Improving social inclusion for the African Diaspora Youth Community in Europe

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In this very moment, I'm with my organisation - ADYNE in Bruxelles, Belgium running a seminar on the use of media for improving social inclusion, especially for the African Diaspora Youth Community in Europe.
ADYNE is a platform of youth-led, youth driven organisations dedicated to the development of an official network representing the interests & aspirations of the African Diaspora Youth living in Europe. ADYNE aims to work on strategies to strengthen the development of a constructive dialogue between European and African societies. ADYNE supports youth volunteering to change our reality, to fight for social inclusion, intercultural dialogue, youth employment and decent work, inspired by the African word "Ubuntu".
We have many activities every year, we are involved in the Africa-Europe youth cooperation, Africa-Europe Youth Platform, the process of the Network of Youth Universities for Participation and Development (Europe - Spain, Africa- Cape Verde and Tunisia, South America-Uruguay)
Two years ago we had a seminar on how african diaspora youth can contribute to the achieving the MGDs.
www.adyne.eu, twitter: @ADYNE2

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