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The Solar Desalination Plant

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I am a inventor of Solar Desalination Plant. I successed in getting a cheaper, cleanest water in a large quantity from a relable method. I improved the conventional solar Desalination plant which produces 3-4 liters water per day. My invented plant can produce 40 liter of water from same area. I worked on this project since 40 years and got patent
It is Feasible to construct with lowest running and maintaining cost. Before Solar Desalination Plant, I also involved in other environmental betterment projects. I started work on Sewage treatment Plant where I got serious of invention, for these efforts an NGO Karachi Industrial Research Group formed. In 1974 My this project was selected by Planning Commission Of Pakistan in the whole country for Research and Development, project ran with collaboration of Karachi University and Karachi Metropolitan Cooperation.
We published Annual report and papers in different National and International conferences. We also presented the working in an international conference CENTO PANEL, Held in 1975
The World Bank team preparing Karachi Master Plan visited our laboratories; they offered to develop a sewage plant in Karachi, by incorporating our developed plant. They also arranged funds from foreign donors but the Sindh Government did not allow.
The US EPA team also visited our laboratory and offered us two projects,
1. Reclamation of water and useful utilization of sewage waste.
2. Treatment and Utilization of industrial Wastes
They selected me as Principal Investigator of these projects. These were granted on my initiated work and in domination of my work and achievements. But due to work conducted under university shelter, and the approval, process from university up to different government departments, the university staff and syndicate eliminated my name from these projects. Later on the University scientists execute this project. They confined the work in the laboratory and totally flopped.
In mean time the country entered into severe political and financial crises. The Planning Commission terminated financial support due to cut in their own budget.
In spite of discouragements, I continue my efforts. In 1989-92, the Mayor of Karachi Dr. Farooq Sattar was very anxious to improve the environmental problems of the city. After satisfied with the working, achievement and our plans they took quick steps and provided me preliminary funds and handover Sewage Treatment Plant at my disposal. But again political instability ceased all the development work of city including our project. Throughout my life I worked for water related project. I am sure my desalination Plant could be the ultimate source of clean water. this is the practical and everlasting solution of water scarcity.

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