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War is expensive - morally, physically, financially

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Am Elizabeth Were from Nairobi, Kenya and I have personally made it a point to create a peaceful environment in my country especially round this time of the year when my country is going through elections. Kenya is one country in Africa and the world that has enjoyed peace over the years until in 2007 when we held the Elections. Thanks to politicians, we got divided along tribal lines. We talked badly to our neighbours, people we grew up referring to as brothers and sisters. It was so bad seeing such people attack each other without a thought. We took peace for granted. Listened to politicians, forgetting the fact that they care less about the welfare of the common man. I have been talking to my friends through small groups, on facebook and any available medium about the importance of peace. I keep reminding them that regardless of the outcome of the elections, we should appreciate, embrace, accomodate and love each other. That there is life beyond elections. That we need each other to survive. That each one of us is an important thread in this life. I have reminded them, and am getting somewhere with this, about how blissful and what a pleasant sight it is to see people from different tribes and races co-exist. I keep reminding them that the absence of peace is war. War is expensive - morally, physically, financially. We need each other. Arise lets embrace peace, the world. Arise Africa. Arise Kenya.

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