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Educational initiatives in South Africa

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Africa is exceptionally beautiful and colourful. The people change your life and inspire you despite the long way the countries have to go. South Africa is unfortunately just the same - Schools are under-equipped, housing is often just a wooden shack with one or two rooms housing 8 people, and sometimes as many as 100 people share a tap.
By joining the Volunteer Initiatives from Edge of Africa earlier this year we could make an impact and contributed to the core needs of different communities and the environment at the Southern tip of the continent. We got involved meaningful and hands-on developmental work in Africa, and learning a lot too, supporting a variety of initiatives: Pre-School Assistance in local preschools, providing and manpower to very under-priviledged schools, assisting the teachers with running fun and educational workshops while making a lasting difference to the early development of local kids. Community Outreach - Uplift underprivileged communities by helping to empower unemployed individuals, teaching uneducated locals and assisting families who have very little with the objective to help them build a chance at a better life... Elephant Reseach & Community Conservation - support of conservation and elephant research projects in Africa.

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