Wednesday, 05 December 2012 12:43

Crisis at Christmas

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Homelessness in the UK, in a western country, is something I can do my bit to change in a tiny way. Every year I volunteer at CAC; Crisis at Christmas for Crisis the single persons homeless charity in London. Although the centres offer medical care, clothes, food and company for 8 days we also offer help throughout the year and at Christmas we can start the referrals system to help many homeless people get off the streets, onto courses and eventually back to work.
I will be giving up my Christmas to manage a team of volunteers provide out guests with courses, Internet, writing, reading, arts & crafts, games and a listening ear.
See, and (Severe Weather Emergency Protocol) SWEP was activated today, councils have a duty of care when 3 consecutive days of below zero are forecast for local authorities to house all rough sleepers. I couldn't sleep rough in 15 degrees let along zero. I'm not dreaming of a White Christmas.

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