Wednesday, 21 November 2012 21:33

Daycare worker

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I worked once as a daycare worker in our place and caring for the children is always the best a mother like me could offer, be it to my own children or others, i always loved seeing children holding crayons and chose bright colors, the artwork shows freedom and bright future, enlightenment and peace, and that was what not everyone will be lucky enough to experience with...all the first time moments of these children, i was there to witness those moments, from the first loudest cried you could heard , scary children being withdrawn from their parents on their first time to be an individual, the first feeding by their own , the first toilet moments, the cheerful smiles and the laughters and songs ...and the courage to make them feel safe and taken care of, thats my priceless experience, the trusts not only the adults had given me, but those looks from those children saying, iam safe here with mrs LEAH mom, don't worry about me... i won't trade that experience... i would always loved being a childcarer, if i will be given a chance again.

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