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Cameroon Teachers' Trade Union (CATTU): education as a means of sustainable development:

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As a teacher, I'm a member of the Cameroon Teachers' Trade Union (CATTU), with headquarters in Bamenda, Cameroon. Our Trade Union has been involved in numerous volunteer actions around the country to foster education as a means of sustainable development. We work to ameliorate the working conditions of teachers and learning conditions of students. We especially have in mind the future of our planet and so are focused on the effective education of the leaders of tomorrow. Our vision is a better future for all through effective and global education with particular emphasis on sustainable development and human peace and progress. I will focus on the most recent volunteer action that we realized. In a village in the Wum area of the Menchum Division in the North West Region of the Republic of Cameroon, pupils of the local primary school learnt under deplorable conditions. They were at the mercy of the elements. There were no buildings but makeshift structures consisting of palm leaves and poles driven into the ground. We went into action by organizing the locals to contribute funds that were used to buy roofing sheets, wood, nails and other building materials. We molded bricks with earth from the area. Now the school has a building with two classrooms in which students learn and teachers teach in ameliorated conditions. This is the sort of volunteer action that makes life better for the less priviledged and makes the world a better place for all.

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