Monday, 28 May 2012 23:55

Poverty: causes and solutions

Written by  Jyotsna

Most of our developing country are live in poverty line, Not having access to resources, transportation, education, employment, and child care can make it difficult for them to fully participate in their communities. Before we can address changes for those living in poverty, first, we need to look clearly at what is causing poverty. There are many factors that cause people to live in poverty: lack of income, lack of resources that ensure sustainable lives, limited or lack of access to education and services, a lack of participation in decision-making, and loss of livelihood as a result of economic recession or disaster.
There should be a combination of resources, support, empowerment, education, and employment opportunities for individuals living in poverty to enhance their well-being and improve their lives. People living in poverty and vulnerable groups must be empowered through participation in all aspects of their lives. It is essential to expand opportunities to enable those living in poverty in order to enhance their overall capacities and improve their economic and social conditions. We need to change social conditions in order to ensure access for all individuals to resources, opportunities, and public services. People living in poverty should also be empowered by strengthening education at all levels, which would ensure access to education. Providing an education for those living in poverty can aid in their opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that they need to better their conditions and improve their lives. An area that can aid and improve the lives of people living in poverty is ensuring that there is equal access to social services, especially education. For example, equal access to social services programs that enable vulnerable people and those living in poverty will improve their overall quality of life through their full participation in their lives.

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