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Girls Education Movement: Train a girl and you will have trained a nation

Written by  Salunda

My Name is Ruth Ankunda and I come from Uganda. I am a volunteer with a non profit organization known as GEM-U (Girls Education Movement) my role is to go out to the different communities and conduct trainings for they young children in school and the aim of these trainings is to ensure that the young children of toady understand the importance of education especially the girl child, in my country we have seen thousands of girls asked to stay home while the boys go to school .
I also move from home to home sensitizing the parents about the importance of taking their children to school, in most of the communities the parents due to poverty have forced their daughters into early marriage or the girls are forced to stay home and look after their younger siblings or during the harvesting season the children stay home and go to harvest food in the gardens.
I volunteer with this organization because I strongly believe in the phrase "TRAIN A GIRL AND YOU WILL HAVE TRAINED A NATION"
go to school , stay in school and finish school.... is what I say to the young girls and boys that I meet in the communities I go to and we a noticed a great change in these communities .. the young children themselves have taken ownership of the project and started clubs in the schools and they start small projects (poultry farms, piggery, goats, food produce) that can earn a little money, the money collected is used to buy scholastic materials for some the children that can not afford these materials.
the club members also move within their communities to the homes where the girls are at home and not going to school and talk to the parents as well as the girls and encourage them to come back to school .
I noticed a great change in these communities ..and I want to do alot more, get involved in other volunteer work.

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