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Contributing to social welfare in Japan

Written by  Nihon Hospital Volunteer Association

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Nihon Hospital Volunteer Association is a non-profit organization that contributes to social welfare in Japan through the support and promotion of hospital volunteers and hospital volunteering organizations which offer comfort to the people visiting hospitals. Nihon Hospital volunteer Association is a member of NNOPV (National Network Organizations Promoting Volunteerism in Japan).



Nihon Hospital Volunteer Association supports hospital volunteers and organizations by providing them with information, consultations, training courses and lectures, with 216 volunteer groups registered and approximately 13,000 hospital volunteers serving through those organizations in Japan.

Hospital Volunteers



“Hospital Volunteers” provide hospitals and patients with services to outpatients such as assistance to patients with wheel chairs and translation services. For inpatients, they assist with hospitalization procedures, providing pediatric ward with services such as playing with inpatient children and providing tutorials, assisting to serve meals to the patients, washing and cleaning, counseling, etc.


They also offer handy-crafting services such as weaving, repairing, making sanitary items, among others, and assisting to organize events at the hospital.

Additional Info

  • Field of volunteer work: Better health care
  • Actions counted: 13000
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