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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 12:33

La ciudad verde-Colombia

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Please visit our site : We are doing a whole country project in ( Colombia ) Thanks!!!!
Monday, 23 April 2012 16:12

A Future for 500

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Softchoice Cares – an employee-led philanthropic program – sent 12 of its employee board members to Bali Indonesia for a two-week humanitarian mission in support of the Widhya Asih Foundation (WAF). The Softchoice team was there to help provide technology infrastructure to help ‘bridge the digital divide’ on behalf of…
Monday, 23 April 2012 09:05

We say YES to girls being heard and valued

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Thinkpeace Girls work to raise awareness in their communities about issues facing youth, in particular girls, around the world. We work to ensure every girls right to an education, being counted, and feeling safe. We say NO to child marriage and STOP to genocide and displacement. We say YES to…
  Kakunyu village is one of the many villages in Wakiso district. It is 13 km from Kampala the capital of Uganda.   The soils in this area are very good for agriculture which makes most of the people in this village subsistence farmers. Many parents in this village believe…
Friday, 20 April 2012 10:11

Guest story - S&S Organizacional

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Nós da S&S Organizacional estamos contribuindo para educação Financeira entre as pessoas e o uso consciente do capital, disponibilizamos em nossa consultoria empresarial 20% dos serviços totalmente gratuito para que se formem empresas que possam nos primeiros meses de vida, se sustentarem e criar novos postos de trabalho no mercado…
"Save a Child! Say no more to Female Genital Mutilation in Darfur" is an awareness campaign about risks and consequences of the practice of FGM, carried out by UNV Programme and UNAMID in the 3 main cities of Darfur, Sudan: El Fasher, Nyala and El Geneina,with the support of the…
We are a Children's Rights and Development Association (CHZD) based in İstanbul,Turkey.   We have been providing voluntary work with the full participation of the primary and secondary school children and the youth from all social and economic and regional backgrounds to work closely with each other and with the…
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 03:09

BOOKS FOR SUDAN in Juba, South Sudan

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BOOKS FOR SUDAN PROJECT CAMPAIGN IN JUBA UNIVERSY ON 26 MAR 2011.   The effort of UNV most especially national UNV in South Sudan can be underscore in its effort to promote spirit of Volunteerism, in support of Juba Education Project in Juba University, UN Volunteer conducted instrumental and unforgettable…
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