Volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging people in addressing development challenges

MY World rollout

UN Volunteers in Viet Nam MY World is a global survey for citizens led by the United Nations and partners which aims to capture people's voices, priorities and views.  Its results feed the debate around the definition of the post-2015 development agenda. 

UNV Field Units and dedicated post-2015 UN Volunteers, together with local volunteers from across the globe, have especially contributed to the offline rollout of MY World. They went out to engage with different age, gender and economic groups, and promoted civic participation through the survey.

UN Volunteers focused in particular on youth, bringing the survey in schools and universities, and raising awareness about the opportunity to contribute to the development of the post-2015 agenda.

Want to organize a MY World voting session in your country? Read the Guidance to MY World rollout

The survey will stay active until the end of 2015. If continued beyond 2015, MY World has a potential to increase accountability by strengthening the dialogue between citizen and state, and to enhance opportunities for monitoring the new development framework.

Photo gallery: UN Volunteers and partners rollout MY World offline

Volunteers across the globe reached out digitally-disconnected people, remote communities, impaired people as well as youth and women.