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September 2013: post-Rio+20 and post-2015 related high level events

The convening of the 68th Regular Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UN GA) on Tuesday 17 September 2013 represents the start of a key period for Member States and stakeholders. This includes a high level segment of intergovernmental meetings and a number of other events ‐ many of which relate directly to a range of post ‐ UN Conference on Sustainable Development 2012 (Rio+20) and post‐2015 processes.

The convenors of these high level events will have established or be in the process of establishing the specific modalities for the engagement of stakeholders. In some cases this includes gathering of stakeholder inputs prior to the meeting, as well as during the event itself.

Thursday 19 - Friday 20 september 2013 - UN Global Compact Leaders Summit

Held every three years, the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit brings together chief executives, and representatives of civil society, governments and the UN. Chaired by UN Secretary‐General Ban Ki‐moon, this year's meeting will be on the theme "Architects of a Better World" – aiming to link the UN's universal values with a new global architecture for corporate sustainability. The Summit hopes to set the stage for business to shape and advance the post‐2015 development agenda, and forward an architecture for business to contribute to global priorities.

Friday 20 September 2013 - Youth Blast 2013 – Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY)

The Youth Blast is organized by the Major Group for Children and Youth and is a unique opportunity to plan, strategise and begin action towards a more sustainable world. The event will be short, action packed and aims at providing concrete skills for effective lobbying for change at the UN level. It is an opportunity for all young people to discuss their ideas, collaborate to reach agreement on core messages and strategise in order to have a lasting impact.

Friday 20 - Sunday 22 September 2013 (part 1 and part 2) - Major Groups and other Stakeholders Briefing

Part 1 will take stock of progress made on intergovernmental processes resulting from Rio+20. It will provide stakeholders with a comprehensive picture of where these processes currently stand, windows of opportunity to influence decision making, and provide a space for exploring joint advocacy opportunities. Part of the event will have a particular focus on what enhanced modalities for stakeholder engagement around the high level political forum (HLPF) and the Expert Committee on a Sustainable Development Financing Strategy could/should look like.

Part 2 will focus on the current state of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) process, what happens next including: planning on the multi‐stakeholder intersessionals days to interact with the co‐chairs and governments of the Open Working Group (OWG), the morning hearings, the creation of potential clusters and planning for the February to September 2014 OWG report drafting process. This session will also explore the role stakeholders have in achieving the on‐going convergence between the SDGs and post‐MDG processes.

Sunday 22 September 2013 - Advancing Regional Recommendations on Post‐2015: A Dialogue between Civil Society, Governments and UN Representatives

The event will provide an opportunity for civil society and Member States to have a meaningful exchange on critical regional issues and policy recommendations looking forward to the next global development agenda (post‐2015).
Representatives of regional civil society networks will present key recommendations with a focus on the findings of the UN‐NGLS consultation on the four main UN post‐2015 reports submitted to the Secretary‐General. This consultation is being conducted in Arabic, English, French and Spanish and focuses on regional perspectives and alternative proposals to those presented in the four reports under review.
Key recommendations and main points made at this event will be summarized by UN‐NGLS into a brief outcome document. This summary, together with the UN‐NGLS regional consultations report, will be presented and distributed to Member States during the General Assembly Special Event on 25 September.

Monday 23 September - MDG Success: Secretary General’s High‐Level Forum on Accelerating Action and Partnering for Impact

In advance of the Special Event on the 25th of September, the UN Secretary‐General will host a High‐Level Forum to catalyse and accelerate further action to achieve the MDGs. The event will focus on concrete examples of scaling up success and identifying opportunities for more. The emphasis will be on the “how” – bringing together examples from partnerships across the spectrum of MDGs and Secretary‐General’s initiatives. The event is expected to include a social media component. Participants will include invitees from amongst member states, business, civil society, philanthropists and other stakeholders.

Monday 23 September - HLPF High Level Side Events: (1) Sustainable cities and (2) higher education for sustainable development

A number of side events which relate to the high level political forum (HLPF) are due to be held on this date. These including those with a focus on the implementation of sustainable development commitments; enhancing the integration of the three dimensions of sustainable development in a holistic and cross‐sectoral manner; and consideration of new and emerging sustainable development challenges.
These include two events convened by UNDESA and the OPGA on sustainable cities and voluntary commitments whose outcomes will be fed directly into the first meeting of the HLPF the following day.

Tuesday 24 September - First meeting of the HLPF on sustainable development “Building the future we want: from Rio+20 to the post‐2015 development agenda”

The forum will include four Dialogues opened to Heads of State and Government, Heads of UN entities and other international organizations, as well as high‐level representatives of Major Groups and other relevant stakeholders. It will have an inaugural character and the outcome of the meeting will consist of a President's Summary.

Wednesday 25 September - Special Event to follow up efforts made towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (broadcast live at http://webtv.un.org)

The event will comprise of opening and closing plenary meetings, and of up to four high‐level multi‐stakeholder roundtable sessions, each of which will have the same broad theme focusing on gaps and weaknesses, and the acceleration of the implementation of the MDGs, as well as looking forward to the post‐2015 Development Agenda. A small number of stakeholders will be invited to speak during the hour long opening session of the meeting. This event will see leaders identify the necessary actions to achieve the MDGs before they expire at the end of 2015, and are also likely to agree a roadmap for the creation of a new (sustainable) development agenda for post‐2015.
The event is expected to include the launch of the UN Secretary‐General's report on the MDGs and the UN development agenda beyond 2015. A number of side events related to the Special Event are also taking place both within and outside the UN HQ on this date.

Wednesday 25 September (18:30-20:00) - MY World Partner Recognition Event and Award Ceremony

Held in Danny Kaye Visitors Centre, UNICEF House and organized by the United Nations Millennium Campaign, UNDP, ODI, and UN Volunteers, the ceremony features the collected voices from people around the world on the issues most important to their lives. As these voices help shape the next development framework we will recognize our committed partners’ efforts that have brought forth these voices of the poorest, digitally disconnected and other marginalised communities.