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Your actions count in the communities that have benefited from your hard work and they count for us. So, what do you volunteer for?


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Volunteering in the post-2015 context

E-SDG-Poster A4 noc w250Volunteers from around the world welcome the new sustainable development agenda and are ready to support its implementation.

The 2030 Agenda is transformational, universal, inclusive and sustainable. It includes volunteer groups as distinct actors for implementation, recognizing their capacity to create new spaces of interaction between governments and people and leveraging the energy of all people to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Use the UNV toolkit to understand the new agenda and the role volunteering can play to help achieve the SDGs.

Together with volunteer groups and volunteers worldwide, the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme has been actively involved in the post-2015 process to position volunteerism in the 2030 Agenda. 

Promote volunteerism through MY World


Volunteers have been supporting MY World as a contribution to the post-2015 consultations and as a way to engage people and promote volunteerism. MY World is the UN global survey asking people to select their development priorities. Votes will be collected until end 2015 and have informed global decision-makers in the formulation of the new development goals.  More information


Integrating volunteering in the next decade and beyond

banner 20150922The Plan of Action 2016-2030 aims to integrate volunteering in peace and development policies and programmes through a strategic and collective long-term approach that matches the period of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The UN General Assembly endorsed the Plan in 2015.  
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Actions Counted:

actions counted starting with Rio+20 Campaign

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It's about being heard by the right people at the right time.

Volunteers around the world can sometimes feel that their contribution to society goes unnoticed. Now is the perfect time to be heard, and where better to do it than at the meeting aiming to set goals for the way we will live on this planet over the next decades.

We invite all volunteers—present, past and future—to sign in to our website. We want to see and celebrate what you are doing. We want to keep you informed on upcoming events, opportunities and best practices. Everyone is invited to join in, from individuals to entire organizations. Share your stories with us. Build a community. Show the world volunteering matters. Your #actioncounts.

The latest stories received on the website:

  • Surrey Canoe Club
    Surrey Canoe Club is a charitable award winning organisation delivering projects in Surrey and South West London, United Kingdom. Our 3 Volunteer Trustees work together with 5 Volunteer Coaches and 16 volunteer members. The club’s aim is to give our…
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
    Mi nombre es Carlos Mario Figueroa.Trabajamos por la conservacion del medio ambiente y la naturaeza, el cuidado de los recursos hidricos, la flora y la fauna, con la corporacion Quebrada la Guzmana, Nos pueden encontrar en facebook con el nombre…
  • Poverty Eradication on Flores
    Hello to all, I'm Nina and I am volunteering on Flores, East Indonesia. In 2010 I founded Eco Flores, officially registered as NGO in 2012. Eco Flores Foundation is a network. Our approach is based on the principles of Collective…
  • Brazilian scouts
    I am part of a scout group. I am leader and work with kids from 6 to 10 years. The scouting program aims to develop our youth to be citizens with good values and capable of doing their best for…
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