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actions counted starting with Rio+20 Campaign

Be counted! Tell us your volunteer action in 3 steps


Yes, count me in as volunteering my action for a better future

Your actions count in the communities that have benefited from your hard work and they count for us. Once you choose your option and press Submit, a tweet will be automatically created counting your action. So, what do you volunteer for?


We're asking all volunteers around the world to share their experiences here virtually. These testimonials will be shortly listed under Testimonials / Your story and showcased at the Earth Summit in a multi-media presentation to participants.
Make your actions count by sharing your story.

What is Rio+20? Why should I care?

This year is the 20th anniversary of the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. From 20-22 June, decision-makers will again meet in Brazil to see what has been done, and what has not in the last twenty years. We hope to take you there, at least virtually, and make sure the work YOU are doing as a volunteer is made known to them.


Twenty years ago, the UN Earth Summit brought together 172 governments and thousands of representatives from the NGO community to put a stop to what was regarded as a cycle of decline in development. It was recognized that nothing short of a transformation of our attitude and behaviour would bring about the changes that were urgently needed in order to protect the planet from the effects of both poverty and over-consumption.


Now, in June 2012, we return to Rio with new hope of real political commitment for a new way of thinking about our future and the planet. The expressed aim of the conference is to identify the main gaps in the implementation of the outcomes of the previous major summits on sustainable development, and to address the new and emerging challenges we face now.


It is with this last point - the addressing of the new and emerging challenges - that we need your help by not only tweeting but adding your issue area under Step 2 of the website! We want to take the issues that you consider important as volunteers and make them heard by those formulating agreements in Rio. It is our hope that the voice of the volunteer can impact the decisions of those holding the pens in Rio. So speak up, your opinion matters!

Why tweet #actioncounts?

It's about being heard by the right people at the right time.

Volunteers around the world can sometimes feel that their contribution to society goes unnoticed. Now is the perfect time to be heard, and where better to do it than at the meeting aiming to set goals for the way we will live on this planet over the next decades.


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