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Thursday, 05 December 2013 01:57

Women' needs - Jordan

Written by  Issa Hamad Al-Hewetat

Dear Parliament Members,
Kindly remember that women constitute half of the world's population , but receive just one-tenth of the total rights.
So WOMEN need :
1- Support and enhance the economic role of women and prevent their displacement for the sake of increasing demand for female workforce.
2- Provide access to basic facilities
3- Facilitate women's asserts , recourses , knowledge , skills , and income .
4- Organize women into mutual support groups and motivate them to become leaders
5- Equip women with managerial skills , including project management and budgeting and provide access to relevant information.
6- Create opportunities for them to develop their potential , aptitudes , abilities and interests , so that they can gain self-fulfillment .
7- Get rights awareness programs , and legal guarantees of their right to control their own lives an matters of marriage , reproduction and livelihood.
Dear Parliament Members,
We the people of earth , and you are intended to reduce gender gap everywhere !
Regards !!
Issa Hamad Al-Hewetat

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