Volunteers mobilized for IVD 2012

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Monday, 14 January 2013 13:06

IVD celebrations in Uganda

Written by  Sanyu Nkiinzi Kagwa



The week long IVD 2012 celebrations in Uganda kicked off with Radio Talk Shows which were conducted in the capital City - Kampala and Gulu district in northern Uganda – highlighting the importance of volunteers and volunteerism.

Activities in a nutshell…




In the photos: Ms Ngozi (guest of honor) takes part in painting the classroom; Volunteers put finishing touches on the play ground; and,  the children take turns to play on their brand new equipment


* On 28th November a community engagement was held at the Mulago School for the deaf located in Kampala: The school was refurbished, painted and cleaned. Volunteer involving organisations handed over donations which included a play area complete with sand, swings, slides and merry-go-rounds. Also donated were scholastic materials, toys, and cleaning items.

* On 30th November a public dialogue was held in Gulu with the main aim of raising awareness on volunteerism in the national development process. Speakers included the Vice Chancellor of Gulu University and several volunteers who gave their personal testimonies on volunteerism.



In the photo: A lady undergoes Voluntary Counseling and testing services offered by The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) – at the Kaunda Grounds in Gulu


* On 3rd December a Health Camp was conducted at the Kaunda Grounds in Gulu. Services offered included Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) for HIV.  Over 60 people were tested for HIV that day. Also provided to the public was information on Safe Male Circumcision (SMC). 

* On 4th December Volunteers participated in a clean-up campaign at the Gulu Remand Home. Work at the Remand home included painting of a block of classrooms, scrubbing, sweeping and slashing the entire area. The remand home houses about 30 juveniles that have been in conflict with the law.




In the photos above: Volunteers actively participate in the cleaning up exercise at the Gulu Remand Home



* On 5th December the main day celebrations started with a match through Gulu town to the Remand Home. At the Remand home volunteer involving organisations donated items which included mosquito nets, food items and cleaning materials.



In the photos; The procession matches through Gulu town to the Remand Home

Dancers entertain guests at the Remand Home


* Later that evening guests were treated to a gala dinner. During this event, the Volunteer of the Year Award (VOYA) 2012 winners were announced and awarded. Award categories included;

ü  Community Service Award

ü  Exceptional Achievement Award

ü  Peace Building Volunteer Award

* The National Alliance for Volunteer Efforts (NAVE) also handed a policy memorandum to the government representative, calling upon government to;

 I. Acknowledge the importance of volunteerism and commit its support by adopting the National Volunteerism Policy, and,

II. Gazette the IVD as a recognized International Day under a particular Ministry

* The evening was crowned with a dinner and dance ceremony.


By:         Sanyu Nkiinzi Kagwa

                Communications and Advocacy Assistant

                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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